FxPulse 4.0

  • Real Time Economic News!

  • Supports 11 Languages!

  • Flexible Layout!

  • Release Data analysis!

  • It is 100% Free!

News is the lifeblood of the Forex Market!

Did you ever find yourself in a trade where everything seemed to be perfect but suddenly the price turned within seconds against your position and your profitable trade turned into a huge loss?

If yes, surprise “You got strucked by Forex News”.

Experienced currency traders know that keeping an eye on Forex News and Economic Data is essential because there is nothing what can turn prices as quick as News do. And so should you.

Fx Pulse 4.0 is an excellent tool for easy access to Forex News with a very nice design. I am English speaking myself but beeing able to choose language is of course a big benefit for a lot of users.


Gosta HuldenEA programmer - www.MrMetatrader.com

What’s wrong with using Websites as source for Forex News?

While using News websites as sources for Economic Data and breaking Fx News is still better than ignoring them completely, there are several reasons why a terminal (built in) solution is far better. Here is why:

Not updated automatically.

Most news websites do not update automatically, as result the trader needs to refresh the website many times during the day and if he does not pay close attention to upcoming news, he may miss some important events. And missing the release of important economic news can result in some really messy trades.

News come delayed.

There is always a delay between the actual release time and the time the News become available on websites. While this is not an issue for “low impact” events, it certainly is when it comes to “high impact events”. For anybody who is serious about trading, receiving information about “high impact” news later than everybody else is not an option.

Not convenient to use.

And last but not least it is not very convenient to use websites as news source because it requires that the trader switches all the time between the website and the terminal. Sure, using two or more screens can help with this problem but even if one (very few do) uses multiple screens for trading, it would be a better idea to use the additional screens for charts.

Fx Pulse provides you with real time Forex News, delivered in your language, helping you to make better and more profitable trading decisions!

Fx Pulse 4.0 provides you with real time news, directly on your Chart!

Now, as ignoring news is not an option and using websites for news is just a little bit better than paying no attention to news at all, we developed a truly unique economic calendar for Meta Trader 4. It’s called Fx Pulse 4.0 and we are certain that it will help you to make more informed and better trading decisions. Here is why:

News in your language.

Fx Pulse supports eleven languages. Sure, most currency traders speak English but still it is very convenient to receive them in your native language. Currently Fx Pulse supports English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Indonesian.

Fast news stream.

Fx Pulse is faster than most free sources. This ensures that you are among the first retail traders who receive the latest Economic Data.

Convenient to use.

No switching between websites and your chart screen. This is important because especially during news volatility can increase dramatically. In case the price goes against your position, the ability to react fast can make the difference between loosing or winning the trade.

Filters and alerts.

Plus, built in filters and alerts allows you to select which Data/News should be displayed and the alert function ensures that you will not miss any of the important news events.

This is how your Chart will look with Fx Pulse 4.0.

Download your Copy now!

As mentioned, Fx Pulse 4.0 is 100% free and there are no hidden fees. We are confident that once you installed it, you will be able to make more informed trading decisions. It will ultimately lead to better decisions which will make it easier for you to make consistent profits trading forex.

To get your personal copy, simple click on the “DOWNLOAD” button below. The download process will start immediately. Setup and installation takes just a few clicks which means that within minutes from now you will have everything up and running.