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  • Live Data From MyFxbook API

  • Info on 70+ Symbols!

  • Real Traded Volume!

  • Real Number of positions!

  • Average Long/Short Prices as Levels!

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Benefits and Features!

Benefits and Features

Forex Insider is a truly unique Trading Tool which allows you to see the positions of other currency traders. Until now, only institutional traders had access to such data which gave them a serious advantage over retail traders because of obvious reasons. With Forex Insider, you too will finally know what other traders are doing which makes it easy to beat them on the forex battlefield.

Data comes from MyFxbook Community Outlook data feed and is based on up to 100 000 live trading positions and includes the following information:

  • Short vs. Long - Positions Ratio in Percent
  • Short vs. Long - Positions Volume
  • Short vs. Long - Number of Positions
  • Average Short Price
  • Average Long Price

As the data is updated every 60 seconds, the information provided by Forex Insider gives you a unique insight of what other currency traders are doing. The result is a strategic advantage which allows the user to stay away from risky trades and pick trades with high win probability.

Professional traders who helped us to beta-test Forex Insider reported that the tool had helped them to increase profits and win rate dramatically while decreasing monitoring time and drawdowns.

This is how your Chart will look with Forex Insider

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Forex Insider is one of the best and most powerful MetaTrader 4 Indicators a trader can use, and as mentioned, it's 100% free. We are certain that once you installed it, you will wonder how you could ever trade without it. It's a Forex Indicator which really does make it easier to trade and can help you to make higher profits. Enter your best e-mail on the right side and we will send you the download link for the installation file and the user manual immediately. Setup and installation takes only a few clicks, which means within minutes from now, you will have everything up and running.

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