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Forex Insider is a truly unique and the only Trading Tool which allows you to see positions of other retail traders. Until now, only institutional traders had access to such data. This gave them an advantage over retail traders because of obvious reasons. With Forex Insider, you too will know what other currency traders are doing.

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Real Time Data


Forex Insider analyzes up to one hundred thousand live trading positions and analyzes them in real time for you. The data which come from MyFxBook API data feed are updated every 60 seconds. This guarantees that the information displayed on your trading chart are always up to date. Information displayed on your chart include:

  • Short vs. Long position ratio in percent
  • Short vs. Long Volume and Number of Positions
  • Average sell (long) and buy (long) price

Professional traders who helped us to beta-test Forex Insider reported that Forex Insider helped them to make more informed trading decisions. Users also reported that having precise information about live trading positions of other traders helped them to find currency pairs with established trends.

Supported Forex Pairs

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This is how Forex Insider will look on your chart

Forex Insider Top Features

It’s Unique

Currently, Forex Insider is the only app for Meta Trader 4 which can display Position of other retail traders on you trading chart.

It’s Free

Forex Insider is 100% free and there are no hidden charges. All you need is a valid E-Mail address to register a free license.

It’s Easy to use

Forex Insider can be installed with just a few clicks. And because of its intuitive design, the app is easy to use and self-explaining.


Instruments Supported

60 Sec.

Update Interval


Broker Independent

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Forex Insider is available for free and there are no hidden fees. Download your personal copy now to get instant access to the complete Forex Insider package. It includes:

  • The Forex Insider App for Meta Trader 4 incl. Quick Installer
  • Free Build Updates
  • Forex Insider User Guide

We are confident that you will be very happy with Forex Insider. Having a detailed overview over trading positions of other traders can provide you with the needed advantage over other traders to make smarter trading decisions. And after all, making smart trading decisions is what makes the difference between losing and making money.