Our Forex Affiliate Program is an incredible money making opportunity!

It is easy to use, transparent, and as we pay 50 USD commission per sale, it is no surprise that top affiliates earn five to ten thousand dollars every month.

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Benefits of our Forex Affiliate Program!

Hefty Commission per Sale

We pay 50 USD for every referred client

Lots of Promotional Material

Banners, Graphs, Videos and more

Signup Bonus

New Partners receive 50 Dollar signup bonus

Real Time Reporting System

This includes clicks, sales, banner views

Personal Affiliate Manager

He is here for you whenever you need him

Monthly Payouts

Through PayPal or Bank Wire

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How it works…

Easy steps
  1. To get started, click on the “Sign Me Up” button above and fill out the form. Your request will be automatically reviewed and instantly approved.

  2. Within minutes, you will receive your personal login data to our partner area. Inside the partner area you will find everything you need to start your promotions immediately. This includes your personal referral links, banners, graphs, product descriptions and of course real time stats of views, clicks, sales and conversation rate.

  3. Promote our products using your unique URL. You can use articles, search engines, social networking, blogs, pay per click advertising, forums, articles and any other form of legitimate marketing. You can even share you’re the link with friends, family and business associates.

  4. Our affiliate system will track clicks, views and sales in real time for you. Commission from each sale will be booked in real time as well and paid out every 15th day of every month though PayPal or Bank Wire transfer. And as we do not charge any payout or transaction fees, you will receive every cent of your commission in cash, which could be hundreds or thousands of dollars every month!

How do I Sell the Products?


With our Forex Affiliate Program, you will not sell the products in a traditional sense. All you have to do is advertise the products using the direct links or the unique URL which we will supply. Once someone clicks this URL and buys the product from our website, you will be recognized as the affiliate by our tracking system and the commission will be credited to your account. It’s that simple!

An example of how it works: You refer ‘Bob’ to us through your unique URL. Bob may be a friend, or even someone you have never met before. He decides to buy our product. The moment he buys, the commission amount of $50.00 is transferred to your affiliate account.

That’s not all… Statistics have shown that once first-time customers have experienced our Forex trading systems, many of them return to buy another product to increase their trading profits even more. More than 70% of our customers have done this at least once.

Why is this so important? Because if you have referred a customer to us, and they buy another product after their first purchase, you will receive commission for it as well! This means that if Bob decides to return a few days later and buy another forex system you will earn another 50.00 USD.

Join our Forex Affiliate Program Today!

There are no payments required and as your request will be instantly approved you can start earning money with us within minutes, and as forex trading become more and more popular, you could potentially earn thousands of dollars every month, just like many or our existing affiliate partners.

We look forward to welcome you as an affiliate partner!

Still not sure if it is for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We are friendly ;) and would love to hear from you.

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