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We are proud that we could help thousands of Forex Traders on their journey to become successful traders. Below, you will find a small selection of customer reviews which we received over the years. Please note that these are REAL reviews and not made up as you will find them on "Buy our System and you will be rich by the end of the week" website. If you bought a trading system from us or downloaded any of our free tools we would be happy if you could provide us with your testimonial.


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I am fairly new to currency trading and instead of making money, I lost continuously. I then bought ProFx 3.0 and it really helped me to stop losing and start earning. The new version, ProFx 4.0 this is, is even better. Its signals are more precise and there are fewer false signals. Long story short, ProFx 4.0 is the right choice for any Fx trader who is looking for a solid, no


Guilber Girard


I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a great news reader (Fx Pulse) for free. It’s very easy to use and helpful.


Emilio Bilbao


I started my trading career back in 2006. Just like many other newbies, I lost more than I gained. Just before I was about to give up, I stumbled upon a review about Profx on DonnaForex. I decided to give it a try and men, this was clearly the best decision I ever made. No, I did not become a super trader overnight but it helped me to make better trading decisions. Now, several years and thousands of ProFx trades later, it still is my favourite system because I know that as long I follow it’s simple trading rules I will never have to be worry about making enough money for a decent living.


Josef Katschinsky

Germany, Fx Mentor and Moderator

ProFx works perfect! It is the best trading system money can buy. I am using it now since four month with growing success.


Colin Paul

Florida, U.S.A

Forex Insider is totally awesome! Having an idea of how much traders are holding long/short positions really helps my trading. Thank you for sharing such great tool for free with the forex trading community.

Forex Insider

Sami Ramunas


I have spent several hours to test Fx Pulse and wanted to let you know that I think it is a wonderful tool for trading. It’s a lot better than any other forex news EA for Meta Trader. And I really mean it, after all, I trade since nearly five years and during this time I tested many different news indicators and expert advisors.


Marcus Crowner

United Kingdom

After in-depth reviewing of ProFx for our trading community, I can say that it is of great value to me and my students. I personally use the system on a daily base and recommend it highly.


Omar Eltoukhy

U.S.A, Co-Founder

Every day another internet marketer puts together a few shiny indicators and sells it as the only system you need to become rich and wealthy without any effort. Don’t fall for these false promises! Get yourself a copy of Profx 4.0 instead. It is a rock solid forex trading system which will not fail you as long you stick to the very few trading rules and don’t overtrade your broker account. Though, I am not a full time trader yet and can only take a few trades every week, I did not have a single loosing month since I am using ProFx.


Thomas Anders

Down Under

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