Beta Testers for new Forex Expert Advisor wanted!

Introducing We are currently looking for fellow forex traders who are willing to help with the final beta testing of a new free tool. It’s a new Expert Advisor which provides real time economic news in 11 different languages, lots of custom filters and a truly revolutionary graphical interface. Because it includes several ‘never done […]

Forex Insider in Action – Video

We have recorded our Forex Insider Tool to show how it performs in real time, here are some videos: GBPUSD - Time Lapse XAUUSD - Time Lapse USDCAD - Time Lapse Download Forex Insider

Account Monitor – Free Tool developed by Happy Client

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our clients who successfuly use our trading systems (PowerFlow EA, ProFx 3.0 and FxPulse 3.0), but Jim from the United States went even further and developed a very helpful Account Monitoring indicator which we would like to share with you. Hello Forex21, I am a fan of […]

FX Tsunami Follow Up – Let’s Take Advantage Of The Weak EURO

As we predicted on January 22, the EURO took a great hit. In just two days the EURUSD price dropped by more than 5000 points and it is likely that we will see 1.10…. and 1.00…. levels soon. How did we know what would happen? Though, the currency market is unpredictable most of the time, […]

ECB QE program + Greece Election = Tsunami?

As you probably know the upcoming ECB meeting and the outcome of the Greece Election have the potential to turn the currency exchange market upside down. We want to give you a heads up including some recommendations on how to make sure that you don’t have to be worry about your trading account(s). The European […]

New MT4 Features You Will Love!

MetaQuotes has recently started the beta-tests of the new update for Meta Trader 4 platform. It has provoked plenty of discussions in the Russian forex community. Traders are sharing with their opinions and problems that they have faced after updating the platform. I didn't find a lot of information about the update for English-speaking traders. […]

Forex Trading Basics

This article will introduce you to the basic terms used in by Forex traders. It is absolutely necessary to know them well, otherwise you could face the significant problems during currency trading. Exchange Rate For every currency there has been the abbreviation code assigned by an ISO (International Standards Organization). During the trades, codes are […]

Forex Analysis Technical Analysis

There are two major ways for analyzing currency markets: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The second one is based on the economic and financial factors, political news and determining the supply and demand forces. The main difference between fundamental and technical analysis in Forex is that the first one mainly studies the causes of the […]

Forex Analysis Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is based on using the macroeconomic data, political events and financial news reports to predict the market development. Fundamental traders believe that the demand for currency depends of how powerful is the country's economy. Political events are considered since they can impact the economic situation. The main Forex fundamental analysis theories are PPP […]

Basics About Forex Economic Indicators

Forex economic indicators are the pieces of economic and financial data, which have been published by different governmental or private agencies. These statistics are made public on the regularly scheduled basis, and also they help the market observers to monitor the economy pulse. Forex economic indicators can have the heavy impact on the currency market. […]